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Membership Application

The steps to become a share holder of the association are:

  • have a minimum of a private pilot license, with a single engine land rating
  • submit your application to purchase a share to the company
  • be approved by the membership committee
  • be approved by the existing share holders
Once the above steps are completed, you may complete the transaction with the withdrawing member to purchase their share.

Share holder application forms are available from the association, upon request. There are two forms which need to be completed. The first is fairly simple to complete and is similar to aviation insurance pilot history forms. In addition to your personal information, you will need to supply the contact information for three persons that will attest to your good character.

The second is a credit application. This is needed so we may verify you are financially responsible and will be able to meet your financial obligations to the association.

Once these forms have been completed, they will be forwarded to the membership committee for verification. Once verification has been completed and the committee believes you will make a good share holder, the association members will vote on your application.