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Anyone contemplating becoming a share holder in our corporation, should know something about our association, just as we should know about prospective share holders. The mix of current pilots is a very diverse group, but all with a shared love of flying.

The association works by consensus and while sometimes there are differences in opinion, once the vote is taken we all work together for the common benefit. Safety is paramount, and all members are encouraged to further their ratings and to improve the quality of flying.

We want safe, competent pilots with a positive attitude towards flying, and with the willingness to take their fair share of the responsibility of being an association member. The association is fiscally conservative and we protect the company's financial status so that hourly costs and monthly dues are adequate to maintain the aircraft at high standards and with sufficient engine reserves to maintain solvency. We try to hold paperwork to an absolute minimum as we are all adults who understand responsibility and expect any new member to maintain this high standard of conduct.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month. The meeting location is usually in the terminal building at Reid-Hillview airport in San Jose, California. For those that cannot attend in person, we always have a video conference option available.

It is best to contact us (see contacts page) if you are interestetd in attending a meeting. Prospective share holders will be invited to attend, once screened by our membership committee.